3 Essential Tips to Care for Dried Flowers

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3 Essential Tips to Care for Dried Flowers 

Wondering how to take care of your dried or preserved flower arrangements at home? Read on for our 3 most popular tips! 

1. Hold the water

This is by far our most popular question! Contrary to what you might think dried or preserved flowers do not need water to keep staying their best. The stems need to remain dry to stop the flowers drooping, taking on extra moisture and potentially becoming mouldy, or losing their colour and going brown. Keeping them in a vase, vessel or even in one of our glass domes, terrariums or floating frame will ensure you can enjoy their beauty for months if not years to come! 

2. Keep out of direct sunlight

To slow down the fading of your dried or pressed flowers we recommend keeping them in a cool, dry spot out of direct sunlight. Over time it is only natural that fading will occur however keeping your arrangements out of the sun will help this timeframe. Keeping them away from excess moisture or out of a humid environment will also help. If you're concerned about any mildew or mould spores that can develop on foliage or petals that are left out for long periods of time, a de-humidifier can help keep your flowers looking fresh. 

3. Be Gentle 

Dried flowers are even more delicate than fresh flowers and special care needs to be taken to get the most out of your blooms. Please be gentle when dusting as dried flower heads are prone to shedding or flaking ( which naturally occurs and shouldn't be considered a defect). When moving them around your home be careful not to knock or damage the flowers. Keeping them up high and away from little hands and paws is also advised!

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Thanks and happy flowering!

Team Indie X 

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