3 Ideas to bring everlasting Flowers into your home

3 Ideas to bring Everlasting Flowers into your home  

Wondering how to bring flowers into your home on a more permanent basis? Read on to find out more..

1. Hang a wreath

Hanging a gorgeous seasonal fresh or dried flower wreath up in your home will definitely add to the natural rustic charm of your decor. Perfect for decorating your front door, living space or bedroom a wreath can be made of brass, have a vine base or be asymmetrical too! You could even try mixing it up and changing your wreaths with the change of seasons - think scented pine and cinnamon twills for Christmas and gorgeous autumnal oranges and reds for Autumn. Whilst fresh is simply stunning, a dried or preserved wreath will be able to be enjoyed year round. 

2. Pressed Flower Frames

Pressed flower frames are a more permanent way to hang flowers in your home. Flowers such as pansies, violets, statice, lunaria, ferns and poppies are perfect to press because of their flat, even petals. Because they are preserved between panes of glass the flowers are less likely to age and can therefore be enjoyed for many years to come. The flowers also tend to refract light into the room in pretty shapes when the frames are hung in front of a window or bright space. 

3. Potted flowers 

A simple indoor potted plant will provide you with not only some lovely green foliage to look at year round, but also seasonal flowers depending on which plant you choose. Popular indoor flower choices include Phalanopsis orchids ( or most orchids for that matter), Cyclamen, African violets, Peace lily, and Poinsettia around Christmas time. Just be sure not to have any lilies/ liliaceae family , cyclamen, chrysanthemums or hydrangeas around if you have a cat as these plants are toxic to cats. 

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Thanks and happy flowering!

Team Indie X 

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