What's the best way to dry flowers at home?

What's the best way to dry flowers at home?  

Here we share our top tips for drying your own flowers at home! You may have had a bouquet that you want to dry, your wedding flowers or even have picked some wildflowers on a walk - here are some tips to dry them like a professional!

* Strip out any very wet stems from the bouquet or bunch as these will hinder the drying process

* Tie the bunch with a long piece of twine and leave the ends loose

* Hang the bunch upside down from a rafter, rail or hook up high eg. on the ceiling or wall or garage and tie with the twine

* Choose a cool, dark, dry place that does not get humid ( humidity will hinder the process and damage the flowers) 

* Make sure no creatures such as bugs, mice or possums can access them - they make a very tasty meal! 

* Leave for ideally 3 weeks

Once dry they can be used in a vase ( no water ) or a wreath or any number or art project! 

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Thanks and happy flowering!

Team Indie X

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